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Beagle Street Life Insurance Review

Beagle Street is an insurance company, underwritten by the Scottish Friendly Assurance Society, which specialises in life insurance products. The business was founded in Peterborough in 2012, and its life insurance products are available to residents of the United Kingdom who are aged between 18 and 64.

The company advertises the fact that it offers £200,000 of cover for less than £7 per month, while also emphasising the simplicity of its application process. Applicants are not required to undergo medical or blood tests, or attend meetings. Customers can receive a quote in as little as 60 seconds or complete an application in 10 minutes.

In particular, the company aims to provide customers with a quick and easy method of obtaining cover after experiencing major life events, such as buying a home, having a child, or getting married.

Life Insurance Policies

Beagle Street Life Insurance provides a financial pay-out to loved ones in the event of death occurring during the policy term. The cover amount and the duration of the policy itself are both set during the application process and the customer will then pay a fixed amount each month, for the duration.

At present, Beagle Street provides two main life insurance policy types:

  • Level Term – With a level term policy, the amount you are covered for remains the same for the full duration of the policy term. The key advantage of this is that loved ones will know exactly how much they will receive if death occurs during the policy term, making it easier to plan financial affairs.
  • Decreasing Term – Also known as ‘Mortgage Term’, the amount you are covered for decreases over time. The amount you are paid out will be less than the amount you were initially covered for, but the premium is usually lower. This policy type is useful for protecting against debts which also reduce over time, such as a mortgage.

Benefits of Beagle Street Life Insurance

In addition to the ease and speed associated with applications, one of the biggest advantages of turning to Beagle Street for life insurance cover is the fact that terminal illness cover is provided as a standard. This means that a lump sum payout is awarded if a policy holder is diagnosed with less than 12 months to live due to a terminal illness.

Another key benefit of Beagle Street’s products is 24/7 access to an online account, making insurance documents accessible quickly and at all times. Moreover, all policy holders are provided with a free will-writing kit, which has a retail value of around £150, making it easier to make comprehensive provisions for loved ones.

Beagle Street currently boast a 99.7 percent payout rate on life insurance claims and, depending on individual circumstances, policies can start from as little as £3 per month.

Although critical illness cover cannot be purchased separately, it can be added to any life insurance policy at an extra cost. This then provides a lump sum payout in the event that the policy holder is diagnosed with a life-altering condition, such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness of deafness.

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