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Fortify Life Insurance Review

Fortify Insurance Solutions is a relatively new player in the insurance industry that branched off from insurance specialist ActiveQuote, known primarily for its comparison website. As such, the maximum cover on a Fortify Life Insurance policy is less than most. But what it lacks in this department, it makes up for with competitive rates.

Key Features:

  • £500,000 maximum cover, depending on age;
  • 45 years/90 years maximum term;
  • 65 years maximum age;
  • 98% claim pay-out rate in 2015;
  • Costs as little as £5 per month;
  • Level Term and Decreasing Term policies;
  • Cashback available via brokers;
  • Underwritten by Covéa Life Limited.


  • Does not cover all types of critical Illness;
  • Does not offer whole life insurance;
  • Age-dependent coverage amount.


Fortify Life Insurance comes with instant coverage and without medical underwriting, on condition that the applicants answer 11 questions adequately. Maximum mortgage maturity is 65 years of age.

Cover Amounts

The amount a policy will cover depends on several factors. The maximum applicants can have based on their age alone is as follows:

  • 40 years and under – £500,000
  • 41-50 – £300,000
  • 51-60 – £200,000
  • 61-65 – £100,000

Insurance Cost

The cost of a Fortify Life Insurance is a matter of age, cover amount, duration, and personal lifestyle behaviours. The cheapest cover for a 30-year-old applicant hoping to cover £100,000 over 25 years is £5.

Term Policy Options

Applicants can choose between two types of insurance: level and decreasing. These term policy offers are known as: Level Term and Decreased Term life insurance policies. The maximum cover depends on the applicant’s age. Whole of life cover is not an option. Policies are available to joint applicants, including family members and people in a relationship.

1. Level Term

This policy offers a cash payout if the applicant is diagnosed with a terminal illness or dies during the cover period. The cover amount is set at the beginning of the policy and can’t be changed. Premiums are also fixed for the entire cover period.

This type of policy is ideal for those who want to leave a lump sum to their dependents. It’s also a popular choice for those with interest-only mortgage loans.

2. Decreased Term

Also known as a Mortgage Term, the Decreasing Term policy is aimed at property owners who want their mortgage to be settled if they pass away. It also provides a payout for a terminal illness diagnosis or death, as long as it occurs during the cover period.

The cover amount decreases on a monthly basis on this type of policy, in line with the decrease in outstanding mortgage. However, the premiums are fixed throughout. This is ideal for applicants with a repayment mortgage loan.

In a Nutshell

An emergent insurance provider with a limited maximum payout, a lower mortgage maturity than most on the market, and no whole of life cover, Fortify Insurance Solutions are somewhat of a niche player. Their offers appeal to a younger audience, and their client base is attracted to their speed of service and their straightforward policies.

Other Types of Insurance

Aside from life insurance, Fortify also offer:


  • Income Protection: is aimed at people who are unable to work during the cover period, and who can enjoy a tax free payout of up to 70% of their yearly income.
  • Travel Insurance: covers single and return trips abroad, cruises and yearly travel plans, and it applies to accidents requiring medical attention and even transportation by air ambulance.
  • Car Hire Excess Insurance: applies to accidents aboard a rented vehicle, and serves as an add-on to conventional insurance policies.
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